Frequently Asked Questions

(or Wicked Shade 101)

1. These shades really are wicked, but how much do they cost?

Many factors will affect the cost of a shade project, such as site access, soil conditions and aesthetic design. On average, our custom shade structures run around $30 per square foot - sometimes less, sometimes more.  To get a ‘ballpark’ idea of how much your Wicked Shade will cost, measure out the square footage of the area you are trying to shade, then multiply by $30. The $30/square foot ballpark includes design, engineering, fabrication and installation.  Once we have done a unique design for you, we can give you very specific costing.

2. Wow! Why are they so expensive?

Wind! Our structures are engineered to withstand 90 m.p.h. winds (in some areas, even higher).  This means that whatever we attach the sails to has to be very strong.  Steel columns usually range from 6” in diameter for smaller sails, to over 12“ in diameter for the larger sails.  As you can imagine, the footers for these big steel columns need to be quite massive as well.  Smaller sails will typically have footers that are 4’ X 4’ X 4’ with larger sail footers going as large as 7’ X 7’ X 7’ and even bigger.  When installed properly, these babies are tensioned tight like a drum and they look awesome!

3.  Do you do residential projects?

No. We are currently only accepting commercial projects.

4. How long does a Wicked Shade project take to install?

            On average, 12 - 16 weeks. 

            Design phase                                                            1-2 weeks

            Engineering                                                               2-3 weeks

            Permitting                                                                  1-4 weeks

            Column fabrication                                                    2-3 weeks

            Column installation                                                    2-4 days

            Sail fabrication                                                          2-4 weeks

            Sail installation                                                          1 day                                      

5.  Are Wicked Shades waterproof?

Shade sails are made from porous high density polyethylene (HDPE)  that is not waterproof.  They are meant for shade only.

6.  Can wicked shades bear snow loads?

No, sails need to come down during the winter months.  Anything more than a few inches of snow will stretch the fabric to the point that it becomes hard to re-tension.

7.  Are the sails easy to take down and re-install?

Yes!  Just loosen the turnbuckles and undo the ‘D’ shackles.  Fold the  sail up neatly and store in a cool, dry place.  To install, attach each sail point with the turnbuckles all the way extended (loose).  Once each point is attached, start tightening the turnbuckles - it’s just that easy.  We do offer a takedown/install service for clients who are afraid of heights.

Just give us a call @ 801.942.1835 - we’ll do the rest!